PLC Notes 2019.08.23

Attendance: Senior Patrol, Rapid Equipment, Pop Tart Turtles, I Don’t Know, Flat Earth Society, Bag of Mulch, Nuclear Waste, Couple of Misfits

Tuesday Meetings Agenda:

8/27: Medicine MB, OA Meeting, Elections sign-up

9/3: Court of Honor at Apex Park

9/10: Bike Checks, Medicine MB, OA Meeting, Election sign-ups

9/17: Bike Trip meal planning, Bike Checks, Elections

9/24: Final Bike Trip prep, Drug Talk

10/1: Crime Prevention MB

10/8: Backpacking Trip info meeting, Crime Prevention MB

10/15: Backpacking Trip meal planning

10/22: Final Backpacking Trip prep

10/29: Char-Grill hike

11/5: Rifles Trip meal planning

11/12: Final Rifles Trip prep

11/19: N/A

11/26: Luminaria

12/3: Court of Honor

Merit Badges


Soil and Water

Disabilities Awareness



Family Life


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