PLC Minutes 2019.06.11

Attendance: Senior Patrol, Couple of Misfits, IDK, Pop-Tart Turtles

Tuesday Meetings Agenda

6/11: Lake Trip planning, Rank Advancement, Building Rockets

6/18: Raven Knob packing demo, Build Rockets

6/25: Raven Knob/ C+O final trip prep

7/2: NO MEETING! Do not show up

7/9: Finish partials from Raven Knob, Final Sea Base trip prep, Rank Advancement

7/16: Cooking MB, Partials from Raven Knob, Rank Advancement

7/23: Cooking, Crime Prevention MB, Rank Advancement

7/30: Cooking, Crime Prevention, Rank advancement

8/6: Whitewater Trip prep, Crime Prevention

8/13: Whitewater Trip prep, Game Night

8/20: Medicine MB, Camping MB

8/27: Medicine, Camping


Lake Trip – 6/14

Whitewater Trip – August

MB College – 8/3

Merit Badges

Cit. World

Coin Collecting

Cit. Nation

Crime Prevention



Search and Rescue

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