PLC Minutes 2019.04.10

Attendance: Senior patrol, Nuclear waste, Bag of mulch, Rapid equipment, I don’t know, Black mamba, Couple of Misfits, Pop-tart turtles

Tuesday Meeting Agendas:

4/9: Pinewood Derby race, Last night for New Scout trip sign-up

4/16: New Scout trip prep, Game Night with Will

4/23: Final New Scout trip prep, Communications MB

4/30: Rank advancement, Camporee meal planning, Communications MB, Rocket Construction

5/7: Skate night sign-up, Camporee trip prep, Communications, Rocket Construction

5/14: Skating MB classwork

5/21: Skate night!- meet at Cary Ice House- $10 per person- Bring family!

5/28: June Trip meal planning

6/4: Court of Honor

6/11: N/A

6/19: Raven Knob packing demo

6/26: Raven Knob final trip prep


April: New scout trip- 4/26

May: 5/10- Camporee, OA spring inductions, 5/25- Rocket Launch

June: 6/1- National Trails Day, Raven Knob 6/30- 7/6, C+O

Merit Badges

Cit world




Pulp and Paper


Crime Prevention



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